Summer Hairstyling Tips: How to Beat the Heat

When it’s so hot outside you could fry an egg on the sidewalk, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the bathroom with your hairdryer and curling iron. And even if you could face that prospect, chances are your perfect ‘do won’t last long against the heat and humidity anyway.

Never fear, we’ve got five ways to look fabulous without any need for heat styling—and some of them even look better with a little frizz.

Loose Waves

Nothing says summer like hair that looks like you came straight from the beach. For foolproof loose waves, braid long or medium-length damp hair loosely, then let dry completely. Take the braid out, then use a texture spray like Redken’s Fashion Waves Sea Salt Spray to make the waves last.

Messy Bun

Have long hair and can’t stand the feeling of sweaty strands on your neck? An updo is the way to go. Start by making a loose, high ponytail, but don’t pull the hair all the way through the hair elastic. Pull both sides of the loop down and use bobby pins to secure pieces. If you want a few strands of hair loose around your face, pull them gently from your temple.

If you have thin hair, start by applying volumizing mousse. Then tease your hair before you sweep it into the ponytail for maximum volume.

Half Up, Half Down

It’s tempting to just leave hair loose, but it can be annoying to have hair constantly falling in your face. To solve this, part your hair in the middle and pull a small section back on each side. Finish this simple look by using a smoothing product like Redken Align Protective Smoothing Lotion to enhance your natural texture and fight frizz.

Over the Shoulder Braid

Braids are trendy right now, as long as they’re kept loose and slightly messy. Work the braid off to one side so it naturally falls over the shoulder, and don’t be afraid to pull out a few pieces if it’s a little too perfect looking. If you know how, a fishtail or other more complex braid adds an artistic touch (try YouTube if you wan to learn how!).

Sleek and Slicked Back

If your hair is too short for updos or braids, don’t worry—summer is the perfect time to rock the wet look. Start with a deep side part and slick the hair down with strong-hold gel. You can also use wax for shine that lasts a whole day.

Summer gives you a perfect excuse to simplify your hair routine without sacrificing your style. And hey, with the time you save, you can spend that much more time relaxing in the air conditioning.