New Product Spotlight: REDKEN FRIZZ DISMISS

Would it surprise you to learn that frizz is the most common complaint women have about their hair? If you suffer from it yourself, probably not—you’ve tried all the creams, gels, serums, milks, and sprays out there. Well, we hear you. When we thought about new products we wanted to highlight this month, the first thing that came to mind was Redken’s new Frizz Dismiss line—products that really work for controlling frizz.

The Products

The Frizz Dismiss line consists of seven products. The first three are designed for all levels of frizz and should be your first line of defense:

  • Sulfate-Free Shampoo: Designed specifically for humidity control and smoothing, safe for color-treated hair thanks to lack of sulfates.
  • Conditioner: Designed specifically for humidity control and smoothing.
  • Mask: This rinse-out treatment provides intense nourishment to damaged hair.

The other four products are unique in that they’re customized for different hair types and levels of frizz. This is where the Frizz Dismiss line goes above and beyond other products. Being able to choose the right product for your unique situation means you have a much better chance of taming the frizz once and for all.

An FPF (Frizz Protection Factor) is assigned to each product. Opt for a higher level if you’re extremely prone to frizz and/or if you’re in a high-humidity environment.

  • Fly-Away Fix Sheets (FPF 10): These individual sheets come in a pack of 50. They’re designed for dry hair, so they’re perfect to keep in your purse or car for touch-ups on the go.

  • Smooth Force Smoothing Lotion (FPF 20): This spray is perfect for fine or medium hair and low to medium humidity.

  • Instant Deflate Smoothing Oil (FPF 30): Have medium to coarse hair? Try this leave-in serum. It gets rid of unwanted volume and adds a glossy shine. As a bonus, it also protects from heat styling.

  • Rebel Tame Smoothing Cream (FPF 40): For out-of-control frizz, this leave-in cream is a lifesaver. It provides serious, lasting control and protection from heat styling.

How it Works

The featured ingredient in the Frizz Dismiss line, the Humidity Resist Complex, is what makes it more effective than other products you might have tried. It was developed in the Redken labs in Brazil and is a mixture of Aquatorial, which locks in moisture and repels humidity, and Brazilian Pracaxi Oil, which smooths, nourishes and strengthens.

If nothing else has worked for your frizzy ‘do, give Redken’s new Frizz Dismiss line a try. Your stylist can help you choose the FPF level that’s right for your hair, so you can begin seeing the benefits in no time.