Product Spotlight — Pureology Curl Complete

Curly-haired gals often have a love/hate relationship with their hair. Sure, when it looks good, it really looks good—but when it doesn’t, yikes! If your hair is color treated, this often means you have to deal with stressed, dry hair as well. Like many people with curly hair, you may have tried product after product, trying to find one that hydrated and defined your curls without making them crunchy and untouchable. 

Well, the search is over, because we have the perfect product line for you! Pureology makes products that are specially formulated for color-treated hair that needs some TLC. They were the first ones to come out with a whole line of products just for color-treated curly hair: Pureology Curl Complete!

Here are the products you’ll find in the Curl Complete line:

Shampoo & Conditioner

Maintaining the hair’s natural oils is especially important for curly hair, which is why this shampoo is one of the gentlest that Pureology has. The conditioner specifically targets stress points to lock in moisture and protect against humidity, leaving your hair soft and manageable.

Taming Butter

Like the shampoo and conditioner, the Taming Butter is meant to be used every time you wash your hair. This silicone-free balm is amazing at reducing frizz. Use it on damp hair and scrunch with your fingers, then let air dry.


Moisture Melt Masque

For seriously dry hair, this masque is a miracle product! Apply to damp hair and leave on for up to five minutes, then rinse. You’ll notice softer, more moisturized hair right away. Use the masque any time you notice that your hair seems drier on a regular basis.

Uplifting Curl Treatment Styler

Got fine hair? Then this is the styling product for you. It’s lightweight enough so it won’t weigh hair down, but provides just enough hold to tame unruly curls. You can spray it on damp or dry hair as needed.

Curl Extend Primer & Refresher

Do your curls look pretty limp and sad by the second or third day after washing? Try applying some of this product. It works well to refresh curls and adds definition and shine.