Pamper Your Mom (or Yourself!) This Mother’s Day

Are you stuck in a rut of taking your mother out for dinner to the same old restaurant and giving her the same old impersonal card? She’s been there for you through thick and thin, and she’s always there to lend an ear or give you advice. Doesn’t she deserve better?

This year, step up and give her something great. A luxurious spa treatment, a new cut and color, or a fabulous mani/pedi make perfect gifts. Mom will love getting something she really wants, and you’ll love giving her the gift of relaxation or a new look. If you aren’t sure what she’ll like best, a salon gift certificate lets her choose her favorite way to be pampered. Or try a salon gift basket that contains a bunch of products for her to pamper herself.

Dress it Up

To make a certificate Mother’s Day-worthy, it’s all in the packaging. Instead of just sticking it in a card, fashion a DIY certificate holder from felt or make one using origami. You can also add a small gift that fits with the theme. A certificate for a mani/pedi is perfect wrapped up with a bottle of Mom’s favorite polish. Or how about some salon shampoo designed for color-treated hair to go with her new color and style?

You Deserve a Treat, Too!

What if you’re a mom who works hard to make sure her kids are happy? You deserve pampering, too. Before you end up with something you really don’t want, give your kids (or your significant other) a hint. Manicure need freshening? Make much of your cracked polish in front of your would-be gift givers. Craving a relaxing massage? Try talking a lot about your aching back or your tight muscles. 

If your loved ones are particularly dense, you can even send them direct links to our Mother’s Day promotions. Eventually they’ll get the picture. If not, buying yourself a present is a time-honored tradition—just make sure they get a chance to sign the card.