How Often Should You Get Your Hair Cut?

You’ve probably heard that you should get your hair cut every 4-12 weeks, but that’s a huge range of time. The proper interval depends on a lot of different factors, like your hair goals and whether your strands are damaged. Read on for a guide to how often you should visit the salon for a haircut.

Length of Your Hair

The first factor you should consider is the current length of your hair. Short cuts like pixies or short men’s styles require much more frequent cuts to keep their shape, sometimes as often as every three weeks. It makes sense if you think about it—in a month, hair that’s about an inch long can double in length, which will give a totally different look. Aim for a cut every 3-5 weeks for very short hair. Shoulder-length bobs can go about 4-6 weeks before they start to look overgrown.

For medium-length hair, you can wait even longer. 8-12 weeks is pretty safe, unless your style is heavily layered. Layers tend to grow out unevenly, so you’ll probably find that you want them redone every 6-8 weeks.

You might think that long hair can go the longest of all between trims, but that’s actually not the case. As hair ages, it gets more brittle. This is why your longest strands are the most prone to breakage and split ends. Aim for getting at least an inch cut off your long hair every 6-8 weeks.

Is Your Hair Damaged?

If you get your hair colored, highlighted, or chemically straightened regularly, or if you heat style your hair almost every day, your hair needs extra TLC to keep it looking its best. These treatments can cause your hair to become extra dry and brittle. You’ll probably want to get trims more often to minimize split ends and breakage.

As a side note, you don’t have to live with damaged hair. Your stylist can recommend products to help protect your hair and minimize damage. When you do get a trim, talk to them about the best product to match your hair type and how it’s been treated.

Growing Your Hair Out?

It might seem like it makes sense to go longer between cuts when you’re trying to grow your hair out, but it’s actually not a good idea. While the idea that frequent haircuts make your hair grow faster is a myth, you’ll have less breakage at the ends, so you’ll have more healthy length faster. Make sure to tell your stylist that you want to grow your hair out, and he or she will make sure to cut only the minimum length to keep your hair healthy.

Still not sure when you should schedule your next cut? Talk to your stylist. He or she can help you figure out the best way to reach your hair goals.