If your experience with hairspray is limited to teenage attempts to make your bangs as big as possible, it’s time to give it another look. We’re crushing on Redken’s newly released Triple Take 32 Extreme High-Hold Hairspray, which uses modern technology to give you a hairspray experience like no other. Read on to find out all about it!

Why Use Hairspray?

There are several common reasons why people use hairspray.

Volume: Teasing your hair or flipping it upside down and then applying a light coat of hairspray locks in volume so your hair won’t fall flat before the end of a workday or big event.

Hold: Hairspray helps hold updos in place and keep them sleek and smooth. It’s also the best way to keep your style when you curl your hair.

Revive tired hair: If it’s been a day or two since you blow-dried your hair, hairspray can help revive your style.



What’s Different About Triple Take 32

One of the main drawbacks to using hairspray in the past was that horrible crunchy texture you’d get anytime you used more than one or two spritzes. That’s what’s great about Triple Take 32. It has been specifically designed to avoid the crunch. No matter how you use it, your hair will be soft and touchable.

If your hair goes out of control when it’s humid, you’ll especially love this product. It gives even the most frizz-prone hair protection against the elements. It also has a nice smell, a mix of jasmine, orange blossom and sandalwood.

How to Use It

Because this hairspray works well for all the purposes mentioned above, there are lots of ways to use it. For volume and body, spray your roots before you blow-dry. You can back-comb slightly and then spray again when your style is complete for extra high volume.

If you’re setting curls, mist with Triple Take 32 after you wrap the hair around the rollers, or spray each section lightly before wrapping it around the curling iron. This will not only help hold the curl, it will also help protect your hair from heat damage.

You can probably tell we love this new Redken product—so why not come in and try it for yourself? Your stylist will be happy to show you what this new generation of hairspray can do for your hair.