Not Your Mom's Skin Care...

There have been many advances in the way of skin care since last year, let alone since 15 years back when your mom bought you Clean & Clear from CVS. Drop your 'over the counter' skin care products and check out Dermalogica, our skin care line here at Clipzone. Dermalogica is the number one choice among skin care professionals worldwide, so it was an easy choice when we were looking for the perfect line to carry here. Our esthetician Lacey can help you choose the best set of products for your skin type. 

The best way to experience these products first hand is to reserve your space in her schedule for a facial! We offer medical grade treatments that are 100% customized to your skin. We cover issues ranging from acne, anti-aging, hyper pigmentation, and more! "Healthy skin is skin that does not prematurely age due to too much sun exposure with limited break outs. It's important to have an at home skin care routine that keeps skin exfoliated and deeply cleansed," stated Lacey when discussing the goals and products for her clients. And don't be afraid of make up! "We are able to find a make up match for your skin that can correlate with the health of your skin. And don't forget to cleanse your face at night!"

For a complete list of services offered at Clipzone by Lacey, please stop by for a menu, or call to schedule a complimentary consultation to create a skin care routine that your mom would be proud of!

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