Brandy Kerr, Award Winning Stylist

This year has been quite the ride, and one of our highest points has been having stylist, owner, and educator Brandy Kerr nominated and then securing the title of Madison County's Best Stylist Award. Clipzone has been in business for 20 years, and this award is a wonderful testament to how much love and dedication goes into making Clipzone more than a business, but also a place where dreams are realized. Brandy has been with Clipzone for 18 years as of August 29th. Aside from the many hats she wears here on a daily basis, she is also a beloved friend and mentor to the many employees at our location. She has accomplished many goals, jumped through many obstacles, and transformed hair and lives in her time with us. This award is also a testament to not only her talent with her shears and color, but also to her kind and gentle heart for others. Brandy goes out of her way to make her clients feel cared for, and feeling beautiful inside and out. We are proud to have her on our team! Here is to many more years of success!


"I walk into the same wonderful salon that I have for the last 18 years and I can truly say that I am blessed beyond measure. What an amazing industry to be in - I get to make people look and feel good about themselves in a salon that I love. I have basically grown up here at CZ, it is my second home, my second family, I love them and they love me back. We are encouragers, a team. I love that team atmosphere about us. Most of all, I want to give so much credit to our leader Nicole MItchell. She does so much for so many, she is a strong and brilliant woman with a heart of gold. I have always admired her and aspire to be like her. This is why I choose Clipzone, always and forever!"  --Brandy Kerr


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